Property Photography, Paddington, Brisbane.

Job Details

Customer: Oxbridge Real Estate
Property Type: Three-storey residential home
Property Description: 5 Bedroom home, 3 bathrooms.

Services required

Dusk Shoot: 25x Real estate photos, 1x drone photograph, 1x 45 second walk through video.


3 Hours to film + shoot and 4 hours of editing.

First look

This property photoshoot had its share of challenges. With dim lighting and lots of furniture cluttering the space, the house wasn’t ready for its close-up. We had to move things around to make it camera-ready. Plus, the walls were painted a boring yellow, making it tricky to get the lighting just right, especially for evening shots. But we rolled with the punches, making sure to capture the property’s best side

Creative solutions

We tackled these hurdles head-on by methodically navigating through each room armed with our trusty camera and tripod. Adjusting exposure settings on the fly, we opted for bracketed shooting techniques to seamlessly blend multiple images, ensuring every detail was captured in its best light. Additionally, we strategically positioned the camera towards the windows to incorporate natural surroundings, infusing the shots with a bright, airy ambiance that highlighted the property’s charm.

Before and after editing

Lessons learned

Seen this shoot was scheduled for dusk, time was running out for shooting and filming due to having to re arrange the propertys furniture. We will deffintly implement a automated checklist for home owners and agents to prepare their home prior to a photo shoot.


With the aid of bracketing, a sophisticated photography technique, we successfully enhanced the lighting and exposure of interior photos during the shoot. By capturing a series of shots at different exposure levels and then blending them together seamlessly, we achieved a balanced and vibrant result. This method allowed us to illuminate even the dimmest corners of the property without sacrificing clarity or introducing unwanted graininess. The final images captured the essence of the space in all its glory, showcasing its full potential to prospective buyers or renters.

The end product

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