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Melissa Hartley
Melissa Hartley
I highly recommend Sky Visuals! Natasha created stunning footage and is so great to work with-- very professional, on time, and friendly.
Ol Ma
Ol Ma
Amazing photographer with great, friendly service!! Natasha really knows her stuff, strongly recommend
ivana djumic
ivana djumic
Amazing high quality shots and professionalism! Results were great, I would highly recommend this gem
Boban Tomic
Boban Tomic
Sky Visuals took their time to understand our needs, planned the project in very good detail and then WOW!, what a great end result! Awesome visuals, photos and video. We definitely recommend them for your project. Bob from Runaway Bay
Adriana Davyt
Adriana Davyt
I have known Natasha for a long time, she is very experienced and has worked in Europe as well as the USA. She is extremely professional and reliable.
Valerie De Pauw
Valerie De Pauw
Superb professional service. Natasa’s attention to detail is above and beyond. She bring a different level of customer service and care.
Milos Vojvodic
Milos Vojvodic
Amazing shots every time - highly recommend!
Shivram Mahendran
Shivram Mahendran
I’m more than happy to write this review for sky visuals! I had Natasha and her team come in to help me take some pictures of my house in surfers paradise. Not only were they responsive from the first time I wrote to them they also scheduled a date immediately and came in to take a great set of images I could use for my listing, I also opted for a drone video that they worked in as a nice package deal. Quite affordable and great work, I’m have to give them a 5 star rating. Thanks for all your help Natasha!

Why hire sky visuals as your aerial photo & videographer?

Sky Visuals is a small team of real creatives with over 10 years of experience.

  • Attention to detail
  • All drone photos and videos are delivered to our customers within 24hrs. 
  • Extensive experience in drone photography and videography internationally 
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 
  • High performing, high quality drones
  • Knowledgeable of local laws and regulations 
  • Hold ourselves to high standards 
  • Professionalism and equal treatment
  • Tailored video and photo shoots (no cookie cutter approach)
  • Fast and easy communication 
  • No payments taken at booking
  • Highly reliable and adaptable

Drone Videography for bussiness owners

If you are a service based bussiness looking for an edge on the competition, drone videography is the perfect way to stand out from a crowded market and differentiate yourselves from the competition.  We can create the perfect promotional video to capture your bussiness which can be used for social media or for a hero video on your website to help close potential customers.

drone videography for property

Top shots of land have become extremely popular in showcasing the entirety of the property, however sellers can also benefit from numerous different angles taken from the sky. Drones have the ability to not only show the size of the property, but also showcase the property’s surroundings, view, architectural features and neighbourhood landmarks. Generally drones are assumed to provide a helicopter perspective, but the truth is, the viewpoints and capabilities of a drone for real estate photography and video are endless.   

Is drone photography and video really worth incorporating into a seller’s marketing content? Here are a list of reasons why it is essential to incorporate drone content to market with an impact: 

  • Increases Property Value

It’s no secret that real estate marketing heavily relies on visual storytelling. The more appealing the presentation of a property is, the chances of it selling goes up. By hiring a drone pilot to take photos and video of your listing, you are maximising your property’s presentation by offering a unique perspective. When you provide your audience with numerous drone perspectives, selling points that would otherwise have not been considered start to reveal themselves. These selling points include showing the proximity of your listing to their surroundings that may include beaches, shopping centres and/or local schools. These unique perspectives can be shared on numerous platforms to the likes of websites, social media, brochures, youtube and more. 

  • Cost Efficient 

We are officially past the time of jumping into helicopters to capture footage from high above. Drones are far more cost effective and will achieve higher quality photos and video. This results in less time spent trying to achieve desired shots and focusing more time on other creative marketing tasks. Opting for drone videographers over aircraft will also cut down on turnaround time for creatives to come back to you. The quicker and more cost effective your footage is for you, the quicker you are able to connect with your buyers!  

  • Smooth Interior tours

A drone tour of the interior and exterior of your listing will show off the property in a way that a hand held camera can’t. The smoothness of a drone will always trump the abilities of a handheld camera, no matter how skilled the cameraman is. Rather than having a collection of separate shots, one cohesive video will give your potential buyers a realistic sense that will also display the listing in a modern and captivating way. 

  • Out Market Your Competitors

It is apparent that sellers are aware of how competitive the real estate industry is and therefore will need to use every tool they can to compete. Real estate drone videography and photography services will help you stand out in the industry as well as building your brand in a future forward way. Statistics show that homes that are displayed with drone photographs are 68% more likely to sell.  


When using drones for real estate, hiring a mate that occasionally takes their drone to the beach to shoot your listing, just won’t cut it. It is important to hire a licensed expert who has an understanding of drone laws, as well as the experience to maximise your property’s value potential. At Sky Visuals, we have over 10 years experience in drone photography and videography tailored to the real estate industry. As a small team of dedicated drone story-tellers, we would love to help you boost your next property listing! 

When hiring a drone operator for your real estate listing, there are a few things to note when making your hiring decision. It is important to hire a real estate drone operator that has experience and is well versed in both drone photography and videography. At the end of the day, as a seller, you will want to hire someone who can give you content flexibility with a range of services. Drone images are a great way to diversify your online listings, however drone video will ultimately elevate your advertising portfolio. An experienced drone videographer will have the capabilities of sending you different sized video so that the videos are suitable for all platforms. This means that you will receive high quality formats of video that are suited for websites and video that are suited for the dimensions of social media platforms like facebook and instagram. By being able to access multi-dimensioned videos, you won’t miss out on advertising on platforms that can grant you a much larger audience. 

Another important note when hiring a real estate drone operator is, you will want to hire someone with extensive experience. Operating a drone is much more than flying above the property. A skilled and experienced drone operator will be able to seamlessly provide a range of angles and flying techniques to show off your listings best assets. An example of this is, flying the drone from behind the house to the front, to expose the backyard and with the same shot, revealing a magnificent breathtaking view. A drone pilot that does not have experience with real estate likely won’t be able to create smooth footage inside the property as well which means that you can miss out on incredible walkthrough videos that capture the flow of your home. It takes a lot of time, experience, and professionalism to achieve smooth flying techniques and that’s why experience is imperative when hiring a real estate drone photographer or a property videographer.

Always, always, always check your real estate drone operators portfolio. Ofcourse, price and flexibility play a major role in the hiring process, but the number 1 teller of experience is how good their work actually is. Check for quality, lighting balance, smooth flying and story-telling capabilities. Does their portfolio include a range of properties? Do they show major selling points in an effective way? Are their videos captivating and uplifting? These are all questions you should ask yourself when browsing through real estate portfolios.  

Another point is to check whether their videos have royalty free music. Both yourself and the real estate videographer/photographer could break laws regarding copyright of music that they do not have ownership of. Real estate drone operators should always include royalty free music within their editing process to stay on the right side of the law to maintain law appropriate advertising.

The benefits of aerial photography

  1. Stunning Visual Content: Drones provide Sky Visuals with the ability to capture breathtaking aerial footage and images, elevating the quality of their visual content. This allows Sky Visuals to offer their clients unique and captivating perspectives that set their work apart in the photography and video industry.

  2. Enhanced Client Services: By incorporating drones into their services, Sky Visuals can offer clients a wider range of creative options and deliverables. Whether it’s capturing aerial views of real estate properties, documenting events from above, or showcasing landscapes in promotional videos, drones enable Sky Visuals to meet diverse client needs with professionalism and innovation.

  3. Efficiency and Cost Savings: Utilizing drones for photography and video production allows Sky Visuals to work more efficiently and cost-effectively. Drones can cover large areas quickly, reducing the time and resources required for capturing aerial footage compared to traditional methods. This efficiency translates to cost savings for both Sky Visuals and their clients.

  4. Safety and Compliance: Safety is paramount in the drone industry, and Sky Visuals prioritizes safety and adheres to the drone regulations in queensland. By employing certified drone pilots and adhering to safety protocols, Sky Visuals ensures the safe operation of drones during photography and video projects. This commitment to safety enhances their reputation as a trusted and responsible aerial imaging provider.

  5. Competitive Advantage: Incorporating drones into their services gives Sky Visuals a competitive edge in the photography and video market. By offering cutting-edge aerial imaging capabilities, Sky Visuals can attract clients who seek innovative and high-quality visual content for their projects. This positions Sky Visuals as a leader in the industry, driving business growth and success.

Lastly, we only shoot in 4k quality.

With the evolution of drones, quality has increased substantially with many drones creating incredible 4k quality photos. Drones are not only vital to the real estate market for photographs, as they can also produce high quality video content for motivated sellers. 

Sky Visuals provide high quality drone photography and videography services for businesses and individuals in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Scenic Rim. If you are looking for the best real estate drone pilots in Queensland, give Sky Visuals a call today. 

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