Airbnb Photography, Palm Beach, Gold Coast

Job Details

Customer: Airbnb management company
Property Type: Pent house apartments
Property Description: 3 Bedroom home, 2 bathrooms

Services required

Photos x 25: Real estate photography package


1 Hours to shoot and 2 hours of editing.

First appearances

  • Plenty of natural light which is a big bonus
  • Very well presented, clean and tidy
  • Furnished and styled really well

Initial thoughts

The location was right on Gold Coasts shore line, exuding a cozy, homely vibe. It was adorned with high-quality furniture, perfectly set up for the photoshoot without needing any adjustments. Despite the less-than-ideal weather with rainy and grey skies, we seamlessly replaced the skies during editing to ensure consistency across all photos, maintaining a natural look throughout.

Lessons learned

Sometimes on shoots, you get back to the office and import all your images and you notice you forgot to move an object or piece of furniture. In this case, we left a plastic bin right next to the outdoor BBQ area. Luckily, theres no need to worry. We have the capabilities to remove the bin in post production as you can see below in the first before and after images.

Before and after editing


In our photography process, we employed HDR bracketing to enrich the colors and bring out the best in each shot. Consistency was key in our sky replacements, ensuring a seamless transition across all images. Additionally, meticulous color grading and the removal of blemishes and unwanted shadows were executed to elevate the overall quality of the final photographs.

The end product

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