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Professional Real Estate Videographer Services

Sky Visuals specialise in curating videos that will show off your property’s best assets! It is imperative to hire someone with the creative skills to bring your property to life.

But why would a real estate video be beneficial? See below for the top reasons you need a real estate videographer.

Melissa Hartley
Melissa Hartley
I highly recommend Sky Visuals! Natasha created stunning footage and is so great to work with-- very professional, on time, and friendly.
Ol Ma
Ol Ma
Amazing photographer with great, friendly service!! Natasha really knows her stuff, strongly recommend
ivana djumic
ivana djumic
Amazing high quality shots and professionalism! Results were great, I would highly recommend this gem
Boban Tomic
Boban Tomic
Sky Visuals took their time to understand our needs, planned the project in very good detail and then WOW!, what a great end result! Awesome visuals, photos and video. We definitely recommend them for your project. Bob from Runaway Bay
Adriana Davyt
Adriana Davyt
I have known Natasha for a long time, she is very experienced and has worked in Europe as well as the USA. She is extremely professional and reliable.
Valerie De Pauw
Valerie De Pauw
Superb professional service. Natasa’s attention to detail is above and beyond. She bring a different level of customer service and care.
Milos Vojvodic
Milos Vojvodic
Amazing shots every time - highly recommend!
Shivram Mahendran
Shivram Mahendran
I’m more than happy to write this review for sky visuals! I had Natasha and her team come in to help me take some pictures of my house in surfers paradise. Not only were they responsive from the first time I wrote to them they also scheduled a date immediately and came in to take a great set of images I could use for my listing, I also opted for a drone video that they worked in as a nice package deal. Quite affordable and great work, I’m have to give them a 5 star rating. Thanks for all your help Natasha!

Why Choose Sky Visuals as your real estate videogrpher?

Give us a call today to share your property goals with us and discuss how we can help boost your listings. 

  • Sky Visuals are dedicated to providing high quality, creative real estate videography that is guaranteed to deliver exceptional results. We focus on the outcome we would like to achieve and work hard to ensure effective communication with our clients to provide a solution for their property videography needs.
  • We don’t skimp on details, preparation or editing as we take pride in the process from start to finish.
  • Our customers are extremely valuable to us and building trust is our number 1 priority.
  • Sky Visuals is a small team of professionals with over 10 years experience in property photography & videography industry and have developed hundreds of positive relationships with clients within the industry.
  • We are proud of our work and would love to understand your real estate videography needs!

5 key benefits of hiring a videographer for your property

Video has a much higher retention rate when compared with listings that only feature photographs of the property. Video also provides your viewers with an emotional connection with the listing as if they are inside the property receiving a home tour. By including a video component to your listing, the videographer will be able to capture a flow of space – meaning that potential buyers are able to associate where each room is in relation to another. An example of this would be showing how an ensuite is connected to a walk-in wardrobe and any dual access points within the master bedroom. 

Another valuable aspect to real estate videography is being able to show details of a home that otherwise can be missed/can’t be captured in photos. For example; should your client have a smart home that automatically turns on lights, music, fireplaces, then video would be a great way to showcase these luxurious features to draw the attention of a potential buyer. 

Lastly, Video walkthroughs earn the potential buyer’s trust by showcasing an accurate perspective view of the property by allowing a realistic view of the listing’s space and light. 

Are you looking for a real estate videographer to help you attract high potential buyers? Call Sky Visuals today and let’s make it happen!

If you are selling your property and are aware of its market potential, Sky Visuals will create a bespoke video tailored to your listing’s unique selling points. A successful real estate video will showcase your property’s best assets in a unique story telling manner that will have your enquiry inbox loaded! By choosing a real estate videographer with creative storytelling abilities and high-quality video production, increasing online engagement is just the beginning. Video of your listings will allow you to maximise engagement on both your website as well as social media platforms.

Even Though social media sounds like a no-brainer, sellers that are utilising paid advertising will have a significantly higher retention rate when advertising with video. In addition, real estate video is always preferred when buyers digest their daily algorithm – should your property video come up on a viewers feed, the probability of your listing receiving clicks will easily trump your competitors that don’t feature video content. It is important to note that Youtube is an avenue that is strictly for video, and by limiting yourself to images only, it means that you miss out on social media with the highest penetration rate and the second most popular search engine in Australia (and the world.)

Preparation for real estate photography & videography is absolutely key when it comes to a successful listing .The tenant/agent is responsible for ensuring a clean and de-cluttered space prior to the video shoot. Taking the time to organise and clean both the indoor and outdoor areas of the premises are vital. Your real estate videographer will thank you for hiding any loose cables,relocating pet items and putting your toothpaste in your cupboard! When it comes to decluttering, think of walking into IKEA and having a gander through the bedroom section where they have styled an entire bedroom with their furniture. What you will notice is that there is no site of personal items, the bed linen is steamed and without creases as well as pillows strategically placed to appear fluffy and give a cosy vibe. 

When preparing your property, think of the bedroom displays found in IKEA. Have a cute vase that you think will look great on your kitchen table? Great! Pick some vibrant flowers and add a pop of colour. Loose pieces of cleaning supplies or cooking utensils floating around? Time to make use of your storage and put all the distractions tucked away. You don’t get a second time to make a first impression so it is essential to give your property the face lift it deserves. Your property videographer will love you for it and in return curate a video that will have you regret selling your property!

Discounted Rates

We offer generous rates for real estate agents wanting to establish a new realtionship with an on-going photographer.


From the moment you book with us, we will keep you informed of every step on the way including weather forecasts & delays.

Quick turn over

From the moment we complete the shoot, we will have the images straight to your email in no more than 48 hours.

Customer Satisfaction

We guarentee our work. If you recieve an image your un happy with then let us know and we can edit them to your liking.

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Videography Packages starting from $599

These packages are tailored for real estate agents & private enquiries looking to list either a rental or a for sale property. 


• Standard video showcasing the propertys best features
• Includes aerial shots



• Prestige video showcasing the propertys best features
• Includes aerial filming
• Includes dawn filming


Ready to hire a videographer?


Depending on the size of the property, your Sky Visuals videographer will take anywhere from 1-2 hours to shoot your video. Once the video has been shot, we will then start the editing process on the backend to tie all recorded elements together and produce an awesome promo for your property.

At Sky Visuals, our turnaround time for property videography is 48hrs. The video will be shared with you via Google Drive.

Absolutely! We encourage owners/agents to attend their property shoot to share any further features they would love to accentuate for their video. In saying that, we ask for our clients to stand outside of the shooting perimeters while recording so that we can achieve a seamless flow for all video.

Generally our real estate promo/walkthrough videos are anywhere between 45 seconds to 1 minute. Please let us know if you would prefer a shorter or longer duration and we can curate this for you!

Every booking is always subject to weather. Not only will harsh weather conditions impact the general lighting of the property, but strong winds and rain can make it impossible to incorporate drone footage. Your real estate videographer will always keep an eye out on the weather and let you know if anything changes. It is important to always keep in mind that the appointment time is subject to change if this occurs.

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