How much does real estate photography cost?

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How Much Does Real Estate Photography Cost in Australia?

Captivating visuals are the cornerstone of a successful property listing. In today’s online-driven real estate market, high-quality photos are crucial for grabbing potential buyers’ attention and setting your property apart from the competition.

Why Use Professional Real Estate Photography?

With 95% of home buyers starting their search online, professional photography is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Beyond showcasing your property in its best light, captivating images can also:

  • Trigger an emotional connection with potential buyers, making them feel invested in the space.
  • Increase click-through rates on your online listing, generating more leads.
  • Reduce the number of days your property stays on the market by attracting serious buyers faster.

Studies have shown that high-quality photos can add anywhere from $1,000 to over $100,000 to the final sale price. This makes professional photography a smart investment, potentially recouping your costs several times over.

Why great photographs alone aren’t enough in todays market.

Modern real estate marketing extends beyond static images. In todays digital market, you need to be adding in additional content such as walk through videos to even further engage the end user to pick up the phone and book a inspection. Consider incorporating these additional elements to elevate your listing:

ServiceNational AverageSydney & Melbourne AverageBrisbane & Adelaide AverageGold Coast AveragePerth AverageCanberra AverageDarwin Average
Real Estate Photography$300 – $600$300 – $800+$250 – $700+$247 – $691+$200 – $600+$200 – $600+Prices may be slightly higher
Video Tours (walkthrough)$500 – $750$600 – $1,000+$400 – $800$450 – $800$300 – $700$300 – $700Prices may be slightly higher
Drone Photography$300 – $400$350 – $500+$250 – $450$250 – $450$200 – $400$200 – $400Prices may be slightly higher
Floor Plans (2D)$75$75$70$70$60$60Prices may be slightly higher

Please note: These are average costs and can vary depending on factors like shoot duration, photographer experience, package inclusions, and location-specific demand.

The “Done-For-You” Package Advantage

While individual service pricing offers flexibility, consider the convenience and potential cost savings of a comprehensive “Done-For-You” package. Here’s what it typically entails:

  • Professional photography: High-resolution photos that showcase the property’s best features.
  • Video walkthrough: An immersive video tour allowing viewers to virtually explore the space.
  • Drone photography: Aerial shots that provide a unique bird’s-eye view of the property and surrounding area.
  • 2D floor plan: A clear layout of the property’s interior.
  • Expert editing and post-production: Images and videos will be professionally edited for optimal presentation.

The “Done-For-You” Value Proposition with Sky Visuals

Sky Visuals is a leading real estate photography company based on the Gold Coast, proudly serving the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions. We are passionate about creating visually stunning content that elevates your property listing and attracts qualified buyers.

Here’s why a “Done-For-You” package from Sky Visuals might be the perfect solution for you:

  • Convenience: We handle everything from scheduling to execution, saving you valuable time and effort. No need to coordinate with multiple service providers – we manage the entire process.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Focus on what you do best – selling the property! We’ll take care of the visuals, ensuring a cohesive and professional presentation.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Our packages offer competitive pricing, often saving you money compared to securing services individually.
  • Peace of Mind: Our team is fully insured and uses state-of-the-art equipment. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sky Visuals Done-For-You Packages:

PackageInclusionsGold Coast & Surrounds Price
BasicProfessional Photography (10 High-Resolution Photos), Drone Photography (3 HD Images), 2D Floor Plan, Expert Editing$550 INCL GST
Standard (Most Popular)Professional Photography (20 High-Resolution Photos), Video Walkthrough (60 seconds), Drone Photography (5 HD Images), 2D Floor Plan, Expert Editing$899 INCL GST
GoldProfessional Photography (25 High-Resolution Photos), Video Walkthrough (90 seconds), Drone Photography (10 HD Images), 2D Floor Plan, Expert Editing$850 INCL GST

Contact Sky Visuals today for a free consultation! We’ll discuss your specific property and marketing goals to recommend the perfect “Done-For-You” package to showcase your property in the best light and help you achieve a successful sale.

Let Sky Visuals elevate your property listing and get it sold faster!

We are fully insured and use state-of-the-art equipment to capture stunning visuals of your property. Additionally, all our packages come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you’re not happy with the final results, we’ll happily re-shoot at no additional cost.

Don’t settle for average photos. Let Sky Visuals create a visual masterpiece that will make your property stand out from the competition!

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